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Platinum Performing Arts Competition 2021

"Survivor"                       Advanced 1st Overall Highest score
"Dancin Fool"                 Advanced 2nd Overall Highest score
"Paint it black"               Advanced 1st Overall Large Group 
"Comes Love"                 Advanced 1st Senior Jazz 
"Black and gold"            Advanced Platinum
"Lonely"                          Advanced Platinum 
"Hot Note"                      Advanced High Gold 
"Broadway Baby"          1st Overall Junior solo

            Choreography Award- "Survivor" Brooklyn Brailsford 
            Professional Award- "Broadway Baby" Brooke Silva 
            Complete Package Award- "Black and Gold"  Trio
            National Invitation- "Hot Note" Briana Hanson 

Take Centerstage Dance Challenge 2021

"Dancin Fool"               Platinum Plus- 1st Overall Highest Score 
"Survivor"                      Platinum
"Paint it Black"             Platinum 
"Comes Love"               Platinum 
"Black and Gold"         High Gold
"Hot Note"                    High Gold 
"Lonely"                         Platinum

                         Versatility Award- "Survivor" 
                         National Invitation- "Lonely" Kaitlin Lalli